Dear Mitt Romney,

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November 13, 2012 by brycebwillis

This is America. The former land of the free and home of the brave until you allowed black Damien from the Omen to beat you last week in the election. What happened? I would truly like to understand this.

Karl Rove was so certain you were going to win by a landslide and he is freakin’ Karl Rove; the kingpin of stealing elections! It was embarrassing watching him grasp at straws on Fox News by challenging their call of Ohio. I thought he was going to cry for a second, and by golly Republican’s do not cry! He is a true American hero and maybe next time he should just run for president himself.

He mortgaged one of his 40 mansions to win you the presidency, and you coud not even beat a guy without a birth certificate. I think you owe Mr. Rove one of your various offshore Cayman Island accounts as consolation for your abysmal performance this year.

The strategy was completely foolproof, Mitt. All you had to do was disregard facts, attack Obama on his inaction — even though we were dragging our feet– wash a couple of already cleaned dishes and let Paul Ryan dry them, but for some reason you could not do that. I really wanted to like you, but you choked this one worse than George W. Bush choked on that pretzel.

The worst part about this is you let your American brothers down. I do not know what is in your freaky Mormon Bible, but it clearly says nothing about conservatism. Maybe your two degrees from Harvard indoctrinated you. It would not surprise me if an institution like Harvard would have that affect on you, it did breed the hell-spawn (Obama, like I should have to put this in parentheses.).

Now we have 20 states with citizens petitioning for secession. Do you understand how lame the United States flag would be with 30 stars on it? Not only have you crushed the dreams of God fearing Christian men around the country, but you have also destroyed the swagger in our stars and stripes.

One thing I can say is definitely not your fault, is the amount of Blacks, women, and Latinos who voted for Obama. I have been warning this country for centuries not to allow these people to vote. They have all been so historically oppressed that they cannot make an unbiased decision about the betterment of our country.

In all honesty though, I am going to move to Canada. You see what you did, Mitt? You have forced America to move to Canada. I am not sure if that is even geographically possible, but you can bet your million dollar dressage horse I will try.

God Bless,



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